SPOT Solar Powered On-site Tower

Your portable solar light tower solution

For THE portable lighting alternative to traditional diesel-powered units, you can count on SPOT – the ready, reliable and renewable way to shine a light. Unlike diesel light towers that burn fuel, create emissions, generate high levels of noise and require regular refueling, the SPOT portable light tower offers a solution that is:

  • Green and clean
  • Noise free
  • Portable
  • Mobile
  • Low maintenance
  • Self-powered

SPOT, the portable solar light tower, is the ONLY alternative to diesel light towers.

Just hook up SPOT to any hitch and transport your light tower to practically any location, ready to use. No fuel access required! SPOT will help you shine brightly, with fuel savings, clean operations and quiet performance.

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This product is brought to you by the team at Pro-Vigil. Their creation of their own solar mobile surveillance units provided the knowledge and experience needed to create SPOT. Through feedback from clients across North America Pro-Vigil created SPOT to fill the needs of their clients.

See Spot Run

Be on the lookout for your local Pro-Vigil representative and be sure to ask about SPOT. We look forward to showing off our new product in all it’s GREEN environmentally friendly glory! Contact us anytime for a demonstration to show you why SPOT is the future.

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